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A systems analysis of rodent animal models of human disease

1 Jan 2010- 31 Dec 2013 

Definition and use of additional constraints for constraint-based modeling

1 Nov 2009-  1 Oct 2013 

Modularity and complex interaction in cancer

1 Nov 2009- 31 Oct 2013 

Aim of the project: Identify the players (e.g. genes, pathways) and the interactions between them, which together define clinically relevant groups of…

Multi-scale analysis of high-throughput ‘omics’ data

1 Jan 2009 

This project aims to exploit scale-space theory for the analysis of high-throughput genomics data to delineate the complex interplay among biological …

Novel information management for the development of a peroxisome knowledge base

1 Jul 2009-  1 Jul 2012 

Systems biology of asymmetric relationships

1 Sep 2010-  1 Jan 2014 

Aim of the project: One of the most prevalent relationships between proteins is that in which one protein depends upon another protein but not the rev…

Temporal and spatial dynamics in (transcript)omics experimentation

1 Jan 2010-  1 Dec 2013 

Aim of the project: This project aims to prove that well-designed omics experiments, based on newly gained knowledge of transcriptome dynamics in time…

The 'Commontology'; a zipped, interactive concept web for the life sciences

1 Jan 2009