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Bioinformatics for Metabolomics and Fluxomics

1 Jan 2005-  1 Jul 2010 

Now that several genomes have been sequenced, functional genomics is getting more attention. Cell function and pathology are directly reflected in met…

Biomathematics in mass spectrometry based proteomics for identification and modeling of protein networks

1 Nov 2006- 31 Mar 2010 

Cellular functions are controlled by regulatory pathways and networks of transcription factors. These pathways and networks are mapped in studies on t…

Protein interactions at multiple scales

1 Jan 2005-  1 Dec 2010 

Genotype defines phenotype by a network of molecular interactions: key to all cellular processes. This project develops and tests bioinformatics tools…

Proteomics based biomarkers for clinical research

1 Dec 2005-  1 Jun 2010 

Finding biomarkers requires clean proteomics and metabolomics data. However: 1) very many compounds are measured, 2) each measured compound can be dis…

Software development for improved analysis and data-handling of high-throughput MS data

1 Jun 2005-  1 Jan 2009 

This project harmonizes the various software efforts in the field of early data handling and analysis. A generic pipeline framework is developed (in J…