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Thesis overview

Aspects of Ontology Visualization and Integration

Dmitrieva, J

LIACS 2011

Fluxes of Life - Bioinformatics for Metabolic Flux Quantification in Isotopic Non-Steady-State

Binsl, T. W.

IBIVU 2011

Genome scale prediction of protein subcellular location in bacteria, with focus on extracellular and surface-associated proteins

Zhou, M.


Evolution of Ras-like GTPase signaling pathways

Van Dam, T.J.P.


Computational approaches for dissecting cancer pathways from insertional mutagenesis data

De Ridder, J.


Proteomics screening of cerebrospinal fluid: Candidate proteomics biomarkers for sample stability and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Rosenling, A.T.I.

Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen 2010

Improving breast cancer outcome prediction by combining multiple data sources

Van Vliet, M. H.

Tu/Delft 2010

Penalized canonical correlation analysis: unraveling the genetic background of complex diseases

Waaijenborg, S.

Faculty of Medicine 2010

Proof of Concept: Concept-based Biomedical Information Retrieval

Trieschnigg, R.B.

CTIT 2010

Work flows in life science

Wassink, I.


Patterns that Matter

van Leeuwen, M.


Vertical Integration of high-throughput measurements to derive functional and regulatory interactions in S. cerevisiae

van Berlo, R.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Thomee, B.


Automatic sign language recognition inspired by human sign perception

ten Holt, G. A.


Comparing building blocks of life: sequence alignment and evaluation of predicted structural and functional features

Pirovano, Walter


Phenotype-guided disease investigation using bioinformatics

Oti, M.


Transcriptome profiling of infectious diseases and cancer in zebrafish.

Ordas, A.


Small RNA evolution and distribution patterns based on digital gene expression profiling

Linsen, S. E.


Exploiting noisy and incomplete biological data for prodiction and knowledge discovery

Li, Y.


Do you know what I know? Situational awareness of co-located teams in multidisplay environments

Kulyk, O.


X-ray structure re-refinement. Combining old data with new methods for better structural bioinformatics

Joosten, R.


Gesture Interaction at a Distance

Fikkert, W.


Service-orientated discovery of knowledge:foundations, implementations and applications

de Bruin, J.


Personalised access to social media

Clements, M.


Interaction and Evolutionary Algorithms

Breukelaar, R.


Validation of in silico enzyme activity predictions using in vitro enzyme activity measurements

van Beek, D.


Multinomial Language Learning, Investigations into the Geometry of Language

Raaijmakers, S.


Integrative bioinformatics of metabolic networks

Notebaart, R. A.


Rational systems in control and system theory

Nemcova, J.


Webservices for transcriptions

Neerincx, P. B.


Gesture recognition by computer vision: an integrap approach

Lichtenauer, J. F.


Graph-based methods for large-scale protein classification and orthology inference

Kuzniar, A.


Inferring the influence of cultivation parameters on transcriptional regulation

Knijnenburg, T. A.


Bayesian networks for omcis data

Gavai, A. K.


Signaling pathways in cancer: a matter of dosage

Gaspar, C.


Data Mining Scenarios for the Discovery of Subtypes and the Comparison of Algorithms

Colas, F.


Computational Genomics for Prokaryotes

Blom, E. J.


Spatio-Temporal Framwork for Inegrative Analysis of Zebrafish developmental Studies

Belmamoune, M.


Dynamic software infrastructures for the life sciences

Swertz, M.A.


Models of natural computation: gene assembly and membrane system

Brijder, R.


Spatio-temporal gene expression analysis from 3D in situ ybridisation images

Welten, M. C.


Comparative Genomics of Eukaryotes

van Noort, V.


Methods for analysing genetic association studies. Application to cardiovascular disease

Souverein, O. W.


Operating characteristics for the desing and optimisation of classification systems

Landgrebe, T.


Pharmacophylogenomics - Explaning interspecies difference in drug discovery

Hulsen, T.


Proteomics of Body fluids

Dekker, L.


Familial colorectal cancer, omics and all that jazz

Cardoso, J.


Affect and Learning; a computential analysis PhD thesis

Broekens, J.


Mathematical aspects of infectious disease dynamics

Boldin, B.


Computational genomics of gram-positive bacteria

Boekhorst, J.