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Publication overview

Computational methods to investigate and manage molecular networks in cells

van Beek, J. H.Hettling, H.Binsl, T. W.


Validation of in silico enzyme activity predictions using in vitro enzyme activity measurements

van Beek, D.


Spatial phenomena in multicellular oscilation simulation

Tijsma, L.


Prioritization of candidate cancer genes by combining mouse retroviral insertional mutagenesis data and human array comparative genomic hybridization data using a gene-centric approach

ten Hoeve, J.


Observations on semantic annotation of microscope images for life sciences

Slob, J.Kallergi, A.Verbeek, F.


Sparse multi-class prediction based on the Group Lasso in multinomial logistic regression

Sandersen, M.


Multinomial Language Learning, Investigations into the Geometry of Language

Raaijmakers, S.


Ordinal multi-class molecular classification

Pfeiffer, O. P.


Integrative bioinformatics of metabolic networks

Notebaart, R. A.


Prediction of overexpression success of enzymes in ASpergillus niger using sequence-based features

Nijkamp, J. F.


An in silico tumor growth simulation model for study of cancer hallmark acquisition

Nierop, J.


Tutorial on system identification of polynomial and of rational systems

Nemcova, J.van Schuppen, J. H.


Realization theory of Nash systems

Nemcova, J.Petreczky, M.van Schuppen, J. H.


Structural and global identifiability of parametrized rational systems

Nemcova, J.


Rational systems in control and system theory

Nemcova, J.


Algebraic reachability of rational systems

Nemcova, J.


Webservices for transcriptions

Neerincx, P. B.


Automated metabolic network reconstruction by exploiting functional homology", pp

Melia, T.


Gesture recognition by computer vision: an integrap approach

Lichtenauer, J. F.


Graph-based methods for large-scale protein classification and orthology inference

Kuzniar, A.


Combining aggregation with perto optimization: a case study in evolutionary molecular design

Kruisselbrink, J. W.Emmerich, M. T. M.Back, T.Bender, A.Ijzerman, A. P.van der Horst,...


On the limitations of adaptive resampling in using the student's t-test evolution strategies

Kruisselbrink, J. W.Emmerich, M. T. M.Back, T.


A comparison of supervised gene set searching algorithms for outcome prediction of breast cancer

Kooter, R.


Industrial process diagnostics

Kok, J. N. S.


Inferring the influence of cultivation parameters on transcriptional regulation

Knijnenburg, T. A.


Onto-Frogger: playing with semantic structure

Kallergi, A.verbeek, F. J.


The ontology viewer: facilitating image annotation with ontology terms in the CSIDx imaging database

Kallergi, A.Bei, Y.Verbeek, F.


Comprehensive Chemometrics

Hoefsloot, H. C.Vis, D. J.Westerhuis, J. A.Smilde, A. K.Jansen, J. J.


The INCF Digital Atlasing Program: Report on Digital Atlasing Standards in the Rodent Brain.

Hawrylycz, M.Boline, J.Burger, A.Hashikawa, T.Johnson, G.A.Martone, M.,Ng, L.Nissanov...


Bayesian networks for omcis data

Gavai, A. K.


Signaling pathways in cancer: a matter of dosage

Gaspar, C.


Chemogenomics: looking at biology through the lens of chemistry

Doddareddy, M. R.van Westen, G. J. P.van der Horst, E.Peironcely, J. E.Corthals, F.Ij...


Integration of information from different ontologies

Dmitrieva, J.verbeek, F. J.


Node-Link and containment methods in ontology visualization

Dmitrieva, J.verbeek, F. J.


Data Mining Scenarios for the Discovery of Subtypes and the Comparison of Algorithms

Colas, F.


Finding maximal frequent subgraphs in biological networks

Bosnacki, D.Ligtenberg, W.P.A.Hilbers, P.A.J.


Computational Genomics for Prokaryotes

Blom, E. J.


Spatio-Temporal Framwork for Inegrative Analysis of Zebrafish developmental Studies

Belmamoune, M.


In Silico Modelling and Analysis of Ribosome Kinetics and aa-tRNA Competition

Bosnacki, D.Pronk, T. Vink, E. P. Back, R. J.Petre, I.

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A prototype knowledge base for the life sciences

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W3C Interest Group 2008

Separable nonlinear models: theory, implementation and applications in physics and chemistry

Mullen, K. M.

Vrije Universiteit 2008

Virtual Reality for Final Diagnosis of fetal ambiguous genitalia

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Applying a User-centred Approach to Interactive Visualization Design

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