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Publication overview

Identification of two new serum protein profiles for renal cell carcinoma

Engwegen, Judith Y. M. N.Mehra, NivenHaanen, John B. A. G.Schellens, Jan H. M.Voest, ...

Oncology Reports 2009, 22(2): 401

Serum protein profiling for diagnosis of breast cancer using SELDI-TOF MS

Gast, M. C.Van Gils, C. H.Wessels, L. F.Harris, N.Bonfrer, J. M.Rutgers, E. J.Schelle...

Oncol.Rep. 2009, 22(1): 205

Identification of two new serum protein profiles for renal cell carcinoma

Engwegen, J. Y.Mehra, N.Haanen, J. B.Schellens, J. H.Voest, E. E.Beijnen, J. H.

Oncol.Rep. 2009, 22(2): 401

Pathway enrichment based on text mining and its validation on carotenoid and vitamin A metabolism

Waagmeester, A.Pezik, P.Coort, S.Tourniaire, F.Evelo, C.Rebholz-Schuhmann, D.

OMICS. 2009

ProGMap: an integrated annotation resource for protein orthology

Kuzniar, A.Lin, K.He, Y.Nijveen, H.Pongor, S.Leunissen, J. A.

Nucleic Acids Res 2009, 37

Dynamic microtubules regulate dendritic spine morphology and synaptic plasticity

Jaworski, J.Kapitein, L. C.Gouveia, S. M.Dortland, B. R.Wulf, P. S.Grigoriev, I.Camer...

Neuron 2009, 61(1): 85

Minimum spanning tree based one-class classifier

Juszczak, P.Tax, D. M. J.Pekalska, E. M.Duin, R. P. W.

Neurocomputing 2009, 72: 1859

R SubtypeDiscovery Vignette: a data mining scenario for the inference of subtypes by cluster analysis

Colas, F.

NBIC Interface magazine 2009

Distinct promoter dynamics of the basal transcription factor TBP across the yeast genome

van Werven, Folkert J.van Teeffelen, Hetty A. A. M.Holstege, Frank C. P.Timmers, H. T...

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 2009, 16(10): 1043

Statistical Methods for Analysis of High-Throughput RNA Interference Screens

Birmingham, AmandaSelfors, Laura M.Forster, ThorstenWrobel, DavidKennedy, Caleb J.Sha...

Nature methods 2009, 6(8): 569

Redox-sensitive cysteines bridge p300/CBP-mediated acetylation and FoxO4 activity

Dansen, Tobias B.Smits, Lydia M. M.van Triest, Miranda Keizer, Peter L. J.van Le...

Nature Chemical Biology 2009, 5(9): 664

New protein structures replace the old. Dutch software to weed out erros in Protein Data Bank

Sanderson, K.

Nature 2009, 459(7250): 1038

A high-throughput splinkerette-PCR method for the isolation and sequencing of retroviral insertion sites

Uren, A. G.Mikkers, H.Kool, J.van der, Weyden L.Lund, A. H.Wilson, C. H.Rance, R.Jonk...

Nat.Protoc. 2009, 4(5): 789

High-resolution identification of balanced and complex chromosomal rearrangements by 4C technology

Simonis, M.Klous, P.Homminga, I.Galjaard, R. J.Rijkers, E. J.Grosveld, F.Meijerink, J...

Nat Methods 2009, 6(11): 837

CASD-NMR: critical assessment of automated structure determination by NMR

Rosato, A.Bagaria, A.Baker, D.Bardiaux, B.Cavalli, A.Doreleijers, J. F.Giachetti, A.G...

Nat Methods 2009, 6(9): 625

Limitations and possibilities of small RNA digital gene expression profiling

Linsen, S., Wit E.Janssens, G.Heater, S.Chapman, L.Parkin, R. K.Fritz, B.Wyman, ...

Nat Methods 2009, 6(7): 474

System-wide molecular evidence for phenotypic buffering in Arabidopsis

Fu, J.Keurentjes, J. J.Bouwmeester, H.America, T.Verstappen, F. W.Ward, J. L.Beale, M...

Nat Genet. 2009, 41(2): 166

Jump-starting cancer gene discovery

Uren, A. G.Berns, A.

Nat Biotechnol 2009, 27(3): 251

Human dectin-1 deficiency and mucocutaneous fungal infections

Ferwerda, B.Ferwerda, G.Plantinga, T. S.Willment, J. A.van Spriel, A. B.Venselaar, H....

N.Engl.J Med 2009, 361(18): 1760

Shifts in growth strategies reflect tradeoffs in cellular economics

Molenaar, D.van Berlo, R. J. Ridder, D.Teusink, B.

Molecular Systems Biology 2009, 5(323): 1

Adaptable gene-specific dye bias correction for two-channel DNA microarrays

Margaritis, ThanasisLijnzaad, Philipvan Leenen, DikBouwmeester, DianeKemmeren, Patric...

Molecular Systems Biology 2009, 5: 266

Comparison of isotope-labeled amino acid incorporation rates (CILAIR) provides a quantitative method to study tissue secretomes

Roelofsen, H.Dijkstra, M.Weening, Vries, M. P.Hoek, A.Vonk, R. J.

Mol.Cell Proteomics. 2009, 8(2): 316

The Yeast Vacuolar Membrane Proteome

Wiederhold, ElenaGandhi, TejasPermentier, Hjalmar P.Breitling, RainerPoolman, BertSlo...

Mol Cell Proteomics 2009, 8(2): 380

In-depth qualitative and quantitative profiling of tyrosine phosphorylation using a combination of phosphopeptide immunoaffinity purification and stable isotope dimethyl labeling

Boersema, P. J.Foong, L. Y.Ding, V. M.Lemeer, S.van, Breukelen B.Philp, R.Boekhorst, ...

Mol Cell Proteomics 2009, 9(1): 84

Histone chaperones ASF1 and NAP1 differentially modulate removal of active histone marks by LID-RPD3 complexes during NOTCH silencing

Moshkin, Y. M.Kan, T. W.Goodfellow, H.Bezstarosti, K.Maeda, R. K.Pilyugin, M.Karch, F...

Mol Cell 2009, 35(6): 782

Detection of pollen grains in multifocal optical microscopy images of air samples

Landsmeer, S. H.Hendriks, E. A.De Weger, L. A.Reiber, J. H. C.Stoel, B. C.

Microscopy research and technique 2009, 72(6): 424

Detection of pollen grains in multifocal optical microscopy images of...

The effect of environmental conditions on extracellular protease activity in controlled fermentations of Aspergillus niger

Braaksma, M.Smilde, A. K.van der Werf, M. J.Punt, P. J.

Microbiology 2009, 155: 3430

Mapping the domain of medical informatics

Schuemie, M. J.Talmon, J. L.Moorman, P. W.Kors, J. A.

Methods Inf.Med. 2009, 48(1): 76

DNA Microarray studies of Hematopoietic Subpopulations

Pike-Overzet, Ridder, D.Schonewille, T.Staal, F. J. T.

Methods in molecular biology; 506 2009: 403

Constraint-based probabilistic learning of metabolic pathways from tomato volatiles

Gavai, A. K.Tikunov, Y.Ursem, R.Bovy, A.van Eeuwijk, F.Nijveen, H.Lucas, P. J. F.Leun...

Metabolomics 2009

Metabolic network discovery through reverse engineering of metabolome data

Cakir, T.Hendriks, M. M.Westerhuis, J. A.Smilde, A. K.

Metabolomics 2009, 5(3): 318

Low-dose transdermal estradiol induces breast density and heterogeneity changes comparable to those of raloxifene

Nielsen, M.Raundahl, J.Pettersen, P. C.Loog, M.Karemore, G.Karsdal, M. A.Christiansen...

Menopause-the journal of the north american menopause society 2009, 16(4): 785

Atlas-Driven Scan Planning for High-Resolution +‚-ÝSPECT Scanning from Multi-View Photographs: a Pilot Study+¢â‚¬?

Baiker, M.Vastenhouw, BrendanBranderhorst, W.Reiber, J. H. C.Beekman, F. J.Lelieveldt...

Medical Imaging 2009:Visualization, Image Guided Procedures and Modeling 2009, 7261: 1

Model driven quantification of left ventricular function from sparse single-beat 3D echocardiography

Ma, M.van Stralen, M.Reiber, J. H. C.Bosch, J. G.Lelieveldt, B. P. F.

Medical Imaging 2009: Image processing 2009, 7259: 1

Mining Databases to Mine Queries Faster

Siebes, ArnoPuspitaningrum, Diyah Buntine, Wray L.Grobelnik, MarkoMladenic, DunjaShawe-Taylor, John

Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, European Conference, ECML PKDD 2009, Volume 2 2009, 5782: 382

An empirical study of a linear regression combiner on multi-class data sets

Zhang, C.Duin, R. P. W.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5519: 478

Optimal mean-precision classifier

Tax, D. M. J.Loog, M.Duin, R. P. W.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5519: 72

The representation of chemical spectral data for classification

Porro, D.Duin, R. P. W.Talavera, I.Hdez, N.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5856: 513

A study in representations for face recognition from thermal images

Plasencia, Y.Garca-Reyes, E.Duin, R. P. W.Mendez-Vasquez, H.San-Martin, C.Soto, C.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5856: 185

Maximum membership scale selection

Loog, M.Li, Y.Tax, D. M. J.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5519: 468

Discriminative shape alignment

Loog, M.Bruijne, M.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5636: 459

Person independent 3D sign language recognition

Lichtenauer, J. F.Ten Holt, G. A.Reinders, M. J. T.Hendriks, E. A.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5085

A labelled graph based multiple classifier system

Lee, W. J.Duin, R. P. W.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5519: 201

A Combine-Correct-Combine Scheme for Optimizing Dissimilarity-Based Classifiers

Kim, S. W.Duin, R. P. W.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5856: 425

A clustering based method for edge detection in hyperspectral images

Dinh, V. C.Leitner, R.Paclik, P.Duin, R. P. W.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5575: 580

Exploiting Positive and Negative Graded Relevance Assessments for Content Recommendation

Clements, Vries, A. P.Reinders, M. J. T.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5427: 155

Clustering-based construction of hidden Markov models for generative kernels

Bicego, M.Cristani, M.Murino, V.Pekalska, E. M.Duin, R. P. W.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2009, 5681: 466

A subtype of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with poor treatment outcome: a genome-wide classification study

Den Boer, Monique L.van Slegtenhorst, MarjonDe Menezes, Renée X.Cheok, Meyling H.Buij...

The Lancet Oncology 2009, 10(2): 125

Local cytokine concentrations and oxygen pressure are related to maturation of the collateral circulation in humans

Schirmer, Stephanvan Royen, NielsMoerland, PerryFledderus, JoostHenriques, Jos ªvan d...

Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2009, 53(23): 2141

Gene expression profiles of progestin-induced canine mammary hyperplasia and spontaneous mammary tumors

Rao, N. A. S.van Wolferen, M. E.Gracanin, A.Bhatti, S. F. M.Krol, M.Holstege, F. C.Mo...

Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology: An Official Journal of the Polish Physiological Society 2009, 60: 73