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Publication overview

Isolation of llama antibody fragments for prevention of dandruff by phage display in shampoo

Dolk, E.van der Vaart, M.Lutje Hulsik, D.Vriend, Haard, H.Spinelli, S.Cambillau,...

Appl Environ Microbiol 2005, 71(1): 442

Genome trees and the nature of genome evolution

Snel, B.Huynen, M. A.Dutilh, B. E.

Annu Rev Microbiol 2005, 59: 191

Gene expression profiling of the long-term adaptive response to hypoxia in the gills of adult zebrafish

van der Meer, D. L.van den Thillart, G. E.Witte, Bakker, M. A.Besser, J.Richards...

Am.J.Physiol Regul.Integr.Comp Physiol 2005, 289(5)

Measurement of hypoxia-related parameters in bronchial mucosa by use of optical spectroscopy

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Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2005, 171(10): 1178

From sequence to structure and back again

Simossis, V. A.


TreeSom: Cluster Analysis in the Self-Organizing Map

Samsonova, E. V.Kok, J. N.Ijzerman, A. P.

 2005: 429

Modelling and remodelling in Bone Tissues

Ruimerman, R.


Experimental DNA Computing

Henkel, C. V.


Advancces in Mining Graphs, Trees and Sequences

De Raedt, L.Washio, T.Kok, J. N.

 2005: 220

Frequent itemsets for genomic profiling

de Graaf, J. Menezes, R. X.Boer, J. M.Kosters, W. A.

 2005, 3695: 104

The Breakpoint Graph in Ciliates

Brijder, R.Hoogeboom, H. J.Rozenberg, G. al, M. R. B. e

 2005, 3695: 128

Mathematical studies of the dynamics of antibiotic resistance

Bootsma, M. C. J.


DRESS: a database of REfined solution NMR structures

Nabuurs, S. B.Nederveen, A. J.Vranken, W.Doreleijers, J. F.Bonvin, A. M.Vuister, G. W...

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Making optimal use of empirical energy functions: force-field parameterization in crystal space

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Validation of protien structures derived by NMR spectroscopy

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Progress in NMR spectroscopy 2004

Large-scale gene expression analysis of human skeletal myoblast differentiation

Sterrenburg, E.Turk, R.Hoen, P. A.van Deutekom, J. C.Boer, J. M.van Ommen, G. J.den D...

Neuromuscul Disord 2004, 14(8): 507

Stable and Efficient Multiple Smoothing Parameter Estimation for Generalized Additive Models

Wood, Simon N.

Journal of the American Statistical Association 2004, 99(467): 673

Bayesian P-Splines

Lang, StefanBrezger, Andreas

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 2004, 13(1): 183

Generalized Cross-Validation for Bandwidth Selection of Backfitting Estimates in Generalized Additive Models

Kauermann, GöranOpsomer, J. D.

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 2004, 13(1): 66

Concepts and tools for NMR restaint analysis and validation

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Microarray data analysis: from hypotheses to conclusions using gene expression data

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The last mile of the protein folding problem subtitel: A pilgrim's staff and skid-proof boots

Krieger, E.


GPCRDB information system for G protein-coupled receptors

Horn, F.Bettler, E.Oliveira, L.Campagne, F.Cohen, F. E.Vriend, G.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2003, 31(1): 294

Lef-1 and Tcf-3 transcription factors mediate tissue-specific Wnt signaling during Xenopus development

Roel, G.Hamilton, F. S.Gent, Y.Bain, A. A.Destree, O.Hoppler, S.

Curr.Biol 2002, 12(22): 1941

Empirical Bayes Analysis of a Microarray Experiment

Efron, BradleyTibshirani, RobertStorey, John D.Tusher, Virginia

Journal of the American Statistical Association 2001, 96(456): 1151

The ubiquitous Kronecker product

Loan, Charles F. Van

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 2000, 123(1): 85

Euprosterna elaeasa virus genome sequence and evolution of the Tetraviridae family: emergence of bipartite genomes and conservation of the VPg signal with the dsRNA Birnaviridae family

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Critical reasoning on causal inference in genome-wide linkage and association studies

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Data processing pipelines for comprehensive profiling of proteomics samples by label-free LC-MS for biomarker discovery

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Arterivirus Nsp1 modulates the accumulation of minus-strand templates to control the relative abundance of viral mRNAs

Nedialkova, D. D.Gorbalenya, A. E.Snijder, E. J.

PLoS Pathog, 6(2)

Genome-wide computational function prediction of Arabidopsis proteins by integration of multiple data sources

Kourmpetis, Y. A.van Dijk, A. D.van Ham, R. C.ter Braak, C. J.

Plant Physiol, 155(1): 271

Alterations in hepatic one-carbon metabolism and related pathways following a high fat dietary intervention

Rubio-Aliaga, Roos, B.Sailer, M.McLoughlin, G. A.Boekschoten, M. V.van Erk, M.Ba...

Physiol Genomics

A vision and strategy for the virtual physiological human in 2010 and beyond

Hunter, P.Coveney, P. Bono, B.Diaz, V.Fenner, J.Frangi, A. F.Harris, P.Hose, R.K...

Philos Transact A Math Phys Eng Sci, 368(1920): 2595

Systematic generation of in vivo G protein-coupled receptor mutants in the rat

van Boxtel, R.Vroling, B.Toonen, P.Nijman, I. J.van Roekel, H.Verheul, M.Baakman, C.G...

Pharmacogenomics J

GPCRDB: information system for G protein-coupled receptors

Vroling, B.Sanders, M.Baakman, C.Borrmann, A.Verhoeven, S.Klomp, J.Oliveira, Vli...

Nucleic Acids Res, 39

Genome-wide assessment of differential roles for p300 and CBP in transcription regulation

Ramos, Y. F.Hestand, M. S.Verlaan, M.Krabbendam, E.Ariyurek, Y.van Galen, M.van Dam, ...

Nucleic Acids Res, 38(16): 5396

Accurate SNP and mutation detection by targeted custom microarray-based genomic enrichment of short-fragment sequencing libraries

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Nucleic Acids Res, 38(10)

Tissue-specific transcript annotation and expression profiling with complementary next-generation sequencing technologies

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Nucleic Acids Res, 38(16)

Multi-Harmony: detecting functional specificity from sequence alignment

Brandt, B. W.Feenstra, K. A.Heringa, J.

Nucleic Acids Res, 38

Nature Europe site should highlight most productive countries

Evelo, C. T.Waagmeester, A.

Nature, 465(7299): 685

The BioPAX community standard for pathway data sharing

Demir, E.Cary, M. P.Paley, S.Fukuda, K.Lemer, C.Vastrik, I.Wu, G.D'Eustachio, P.Schae...

Nat Biotechnol, 28(9): 935

TAPP: A Threshold-Avoiding Proteomics Pipeline

Suits, F.Hoekman, B.Rosenling, T.Bischoff, R.Horvatovich, P.

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Profiling and identification of cerebrospinal fluid proteins in a rat EAE model of multiple sclerosis

Rosenling, A. I. T.Stoop, M.Attali, A.van Aken, H.Suidgeest, E.Christin, C.Stingl, C....

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

msCompare: a framework for quantitative analysis of label-free LC-MS data for comparative biomarker studies

Hoekman, B.Breitling, R.Suits, F.Bischoff, R.Horvatovich, P.,

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

A critical assessment of statistical methods for biomarker discovery in clinical proteomics

Christin, C.Hoefsloot, H. C. J.Smilde, A. K.Hoekman, B.Bischoff, R.Horvatovich, P.

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Articulated Whole-Body Atlases for Small Animal Image Analysis: Construction and Applications

Khmelinskii, A.Baiker, M.Kaijzel, E. L.Chen, J.Reiber, J. H.Lelieveldt, B. P.

Mol Imaging Biol

Physiological adaptation of the bacterium Lactococcus lactis in response to the production of human CFTR

Steen, A.Wiederhold, E.Gandhi, T.Breitling, R.Slotboom, D. J.

Mol Cell Proteomics

A consensus of core protein complex compositions for Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Benschop, J. J.Brabers, N.van Leenen, D.Bakker, L. V.van Deutekom, H. W.van Berkum, N...

Mol Cell, 38(6): 916

Genomic tracing of epidemics and disease outbreaks

Schurch, A. C.Siezen, R. J.

Microb Biotechnol, 3(6): 628

SYSGENET: a meeting report from a new European network for systems genetics

Schughart, K.

Mamm Genome, 21(7): 331