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Publication overview

Discriminative Scoring of Bayesian Network Classifiers: a Comparative Study

Feelders, A.Ivanovs, J. Studeny, M.Vomiel, J.

 2006: 75

From Media Crossing to Media Mining

de Jong, F. M. G.

 2006: 50

Mining for Stable Patterns: Regular Intervals between Occurrences

de Graaf, E. H.Kosters, W. A. Schobbens, P. Y.Vanhoof, W.Schwanen, G.

 2006: 149

Using Consecutive Support for Genomic Profiling

de Graaf, E. Graaf, J. M.Kosters, W. A. M, H.Nedellec, C.

 2006: 16

Towards a Framework for Knowledge Discovery

de Bruin, J.Kok, J. N.

 2006: 219

Comparison of SVM and some Older Classification algorithms in Text Classification Tasks

Colas, F.Bradzil, P.


On the Behaviors of SVM and some Older Algorithms in Binary Text Classification Tasks

Colas, F.Bradzil, P.


A mathematical model to determine the growth rate of ca-mrsa and options for control

Bootsma, M.


Ontology and image semantics in multimodal imaging: submission and retrieval

Bei, Y.Belmamoune, M.verbeek, F. J.

 2006, 6061: 60610

Reducing the Frequent Pattern set

Bathoorn, R. W.Koopman, A.Siebes, A. P. J. M. Tsumot, S.Clifton, C. W.Zhong, N.Wu, X.Liu, J.Wah, B. W.Cheung, Y. M.

 2006: 55

Image classification from generalized image distance features: application to detection of interstitial disease in cheat radiographs

Arzhaeva, Y.Van Ginneken, B.Tax, D. M. J.

 2006: 1

Improving computer-aided diagnosis of interstitial disease in chest radiographs by combining one-class and two-class classifiers

Arzhaeva, Y.Tax, D. M. J.Van Ginneken, B.

 2006, 6144: 1

Interaction and Coordination of Tools for Structured Data

Arbad, F.Kok, J.

 2006, 4313: 1

Haplotype-based genetics in mice and rats

Cuppen, E.

Trends Genet 2005, 21(6): 318

Development and application of proteomics technologies in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kolkman, A.Slijper, M.Heck, A. J.

Trends Biotechnol 2005, 23(12): 598

Cross-validated Cox regression on microarray gene expression data

van Houwelingen, H. C.Bruinsma, T.Hart, A. A.van't Veer, L. J.Wessels, L. F.

Statistics in Medicine 2005, 25(18): 3201

RECOORD: a recalculated coordinate database of 500+ proteins from the PDB using restraints from the BioMagResBank

Nederveen, A. J.Doreleijers, J. F.Vranken, W.Miller, Z.Spronk, C. A.Nabuurs, S. B.Gun...

Proteins 2005, 59(4): 662

Induced refolding of a temperature denatured llama heavy-chain antibody fragment by its antigen

Dolk, E.van Vliet, C.Perez, J. M.Vriend, G.Darbon, H.Ferrat, G.Cambillau, C.Frenken, ...

Proteins 2005, 59(3): 555

An observation on the sevilla complexity

Muskulus, M.

Proceedings of the ESF Exploratory Workshop on Cellular Computing 2005

First steps towards a geometry of computation

Muskulus, M.Brijder, R.

Proceedings of the 3rd Brainstorming week on membrane computing 2005

Gene expression profiling and phenotype analyses of S. cerevisiae in response to changing copper reveals six genes with new roles in copper and iron metabolism

van Bakel, H.Strengman, E.Wijmenga, C.Holstege, F. C.

Physiol Genomics 2005, 22(3): 356

STRING: known and predicted protein-protein associations, integrated and transferred across organisms

Von Mering, C.Jensen, L. J.Snel, B.Hooper, S. D.Krupp, M.Foglierini, M.Jouffre, N.Huy...

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33

Projector 2: contig mapping for efficient gap-closure of prokaryotic genome sequence assemblies

van Hijum, S. A.Zomer, A. L.Kuipers, O. P.Kok, J.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33

GeneSeeker: extraction and integration of human disease-related information from web-based genetic databases

van Driel, M. A.Cuelenaere, K.Kemmeren, P. P.Leunissen, J. A.Brunner, H. G.Vriend, G.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33

Homology-extended sequence alignment

Simossis, V. A.Kleinjung, J.Heringa, J.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33(3): 816

PRALINE: a multiple sequence alignment toolbox that integrates homology-extended and secondary structure information

Simossis, V. A.Heringa, J.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33

Correlation between sequence conservation and the genomic context after gene duplication

Notebaart, R. A.Huynen, M. A.Teusink, B.Siezen, R. J.Snel, B.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33(19): 6164

MRS: a fast and compact retrieval system for biological data

Hekkelman, M. L.Vriend, G.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33

Scooby-domain: prediction of globular domains in protein sequence

George, R. A.Lin, K.Heringa, J.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33

CONREAL web server: identification and visualization of conserved transcription factor binding sites

Berezikov, E.Guryev, V.Cuppen, E.

Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33

An anaerobic mitochondrion that produces hydrogen

Boxma, Graaf, R. M.van der Staay, G. W.van Alen, T. A.Ricard, G.Gabaldon, T.van ...

Nature 2005, 434(7029): 74

Natural Computing

Lameijer, E. W.Back, T.Kok, J. N.Ijzerman, A. P.

Natural Computing 2005, 3(4): 177

An expression profile for diagnosis of lymph node metastases from primary head and neck squamous cell carcinomas

Roepman, P.Wessels, L. F.Kettelarij, N.Kemmeren, P.Miles, A. J.Lijnzaad, P.Tilanus, M...

Nat Genet 2005, 37(2): 182

Uncovering regulatory pathways that affect hematopoietic stem cell function using 'genetical genomics'

Bystrykh, L.Weersing, E.Dontje, B.Sutton, S.Pletcher, M. T.Wiltshire, T.Su, A. I.Vell...

Nat Genet 2005, 37(3): 225

Multifunctional genes

van de Peppel, J.Holstege, F. C.

Mol Syst Biol 2005, 1: 2005

Transcriptome profiling of adult zebrafish at the late stage of chronic tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium marinum infection

Meijer, A. H.verbeek, F. J.Salas-Vidal, E.Corredor-Adamez, M.Bussman, J.van der Sar, ...

Mol Immunol 2005, 42(10): 1185

Mediator expression profiling epistasis reveals a signal transduction pathway with antagonistic submodules and highly specific downstream targets

van de Peppel, J.Kettelarij, N.van Bakel, H.Kockelkorn, T. T.van Leenen, D.Holstege, ...

Mol Cell 2005, 19(4): 511

Genome-wide analyses reveal RNA polymerase II located upstream of genes poised for rapid response upon S. cerevisiae stationary phase exit

Radonjic, M.Andrau, J. C.Lijnzaad, P.Kemmeren, P.Kockelkorn, T. T.van Leenen, D.van B...

Mol Cell 2005, 18(2): 171

Purity for clarity: the need for purification of tumor cells in DNA microarray studies

de Ridder, D.van der Linden, C. E.Schonewille, T.Dik, W. A.Reinders, M. J.van Dongen,...

Leukemia 2005, 19(4): 618

The breakpoint graph in ciliates

Brijder, R.Hoogeboom, H. J.Rozenberg, G.

Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics 2005

Regularization and variable selection via the elastic net

Zou, HuiHastie, Trevor

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B 2005, 67(2): 301

Statistical development and evaluation of microarray gene expression data filters

Pounds, StanCheng, Cheng

Journal of Computational Biology: A Journal of Computational Molecular Cell Biology 2005, 12(4): 482

Mass spectrometric analysis of the Schistosoma mansoni tegumental sub-proteome

van Balkom, B. W.van Gestel, R. A.Brouwers, J. F.Krijgsveld, J.Tielens, A. G.Heck, A....

J Proteome Res 2005, 4(3): 958

A novel D458V mutation in the SANS PDZ binding motif causes atypical Usher syndrome

Kalay, Brouwer, A. P.Caylan, R.Nabuurs, S. B.Wollnik, B.Karaguzel, A.Heister, J....

J Mol Med 2005, 83(12): 1025

A systematic review of large scale and heterogeneous gene array data in heart failure

Sharma, U. C.Pokharel, S.Evelo, C. T.Maessen, J. G.

J Mol Cell Cardiol 2005, 38(3): 425

Tracing the evolution of a large protein complex in the eukaryotes, NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Complex I)

Gabaldon, T.Rainey, D.Huynen, M. A.

J Mol Biol 2005, 348(4): 857

New insights on human T cell development by quantitative T cell receptor gene rearrangement studies and gene expression profiling

Dik, W. A.Pike-Overzet, K.Weerkamp, Ridder, Haas, E. F.Baert, M. R.van der ...

J Exp Med 2005, 201(11): 1715

Word sense disambiguation in the biomedical domain: an overview

Schuemie, M. J.Kors, J. A.Mons, B.

J Comput Biol 2005, 12(5): 554

Epigenetic profiling of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: promoter hypermethylation of multiple tumor suppressor genes including BCL7a, PTPRG, and p73

van Doorn, R.Zoutman, W. H.Dijkman, Menezes, R. X.Commandeur, S.Mulder, A. A.van...

J Clin Oncol 2005, 23(17): 3886

Definition of a new information-based per-residue quality parameter

Nabuurs, S. B.Krieger, E.Spronk, C. A.Nederveen, A. J.Vriend, G.Vuister, G. W.

J Biomol NMR 2005, 33(2): 123