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Publication overview

Learning Bayesian network parameters under order constraints

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Complexity of bio-computation: symbolic dynamics in membrane systems

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Approximate power and sample size calculations with the Benjamini-Hocheberg method

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Integrins of Anopheles gambiae and a putative role of a new beta integrin, BINT2, in phagocytosis of E. coli

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Heterogenous information Systems: bridging the gap of time and space. Management and retrieval of spatio-temporal gene Expression data

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Improving a local learning technique for queue wait time predictions

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Experiental sampling in multimedia systems

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Prorenin induces intracellular signaling in cardiomyocytes independently of angiotensin II

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Human-Centered Aspects

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Interacting with visualisations

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Estimating haplotype effects on dichotomous outcome for unphased genotype data using a weighted penalized log-likelihood approach

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Bioinformatics methods for identifying candidate disease genes

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Conditions for spiral breakup in the human ventricles

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The biological carbon pump revisited: feedback mechanisms between climated and the refield ratio

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Genetic variation in the zebrafish

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Detecting Transcriptionally Active Regions Using Genome Tiling Arrays

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Optimal design and analysis of genetic studies on gene expression

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Red queen dynamics in a predator-prey ecosystem

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The parellel nash memory for asymmetric games

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GECCO '06 2006

DECA: Dimension extracting coevolutionary algrorithm

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GECCO '06 2006

Combining gradient techniques for numerical multi-objective evolutionary optimization

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Sub-type Specific Sites for SMAD Receptor Binding Identified by Sequence Comparison using "Sequence Harmony"

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Common pathological mechanisms in mouse models for muscular dystrophies

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Embryonic stem cell proteomics

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SMs-emoa: Multiobjective selection based on dominated hypervolume

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A text-mining analysis of the human phenome

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Novel early target genes of parathyroid hormone-related peptide in chondrocytes

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A second, non-canonical RNA-dependent RNA polymerase in SARS coronavirus

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Frequent Subgraph Miners: Runtimes Don't Say Everything, Mining and Learning with Graphs (MLG 2006)

Nijssen, S.Kok, J. N. Series, Editor

ECML/PKDD 2006 2006

The promise of a virtual lab in drug discovery

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Object presentation, sample size, and data set complexity

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Natural diversity and adaptive responses of Lactococcus lactis

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Mitochondria, hydrogenosomes and mitosomes: products of evolutionary tinkering!

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Bagged K-means clustering improves accuracy when clustering metabolic data

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Tribler: A social-based Peer-to-Peer system

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Problem-solving environments for biological morphogenesis

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Learning the Comlete-Basis-Functions Parameterization for the Optimization of Dynamic Molecular Alignment by ES. IDEAL 2006

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An even faster algorithm for ridge regression of reduced rank data

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Fast and compact smoothing on large multidimensional grids

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Generalized structured additive regression based on Bayesian P-splines

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Genetic algorithms for the selection of smoothing parameters in additive models

Krause, R├╝digerTutz, Gerhard

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Bayesian sigmoid shrinkage with improper variance priors and an application to wavelet denoising

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Improving Automatic Data Structure Generation for e-Science Applications

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Potential confounding in evaluating infection-control interventions in hospital settings: changing antibiotic prescription

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Common variants of multiple genes that control reverse cholesterol transport together explain only a minor part of the variation of HDL cholesterol levels

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Common sodium channel promoter haplotype in asian subjects underlies variability in cardiac conduction

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