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Publication overview

Affect, Anticipation, and Adaption; Affect-controlled selection of anticipatory simulation in artificial

Broekens, J.Kosters, W.Verbeek, F.

Adaptive Behavior 2007, 15(4): 397

Perceptual dependencies in information visualisation assessed by complex visual search

van den Berg, R.Cornelissen, F. W.Roerdink, J. B. T. M.

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Knowledge discovery in databases

Kok, J. N.Koronacki, J.Lopez de Mantaras, R.Matwin, S.Mladenic, D.Skowron, A.

11th European Conference on Principles and Practice of knowledge discovery in databases 2007

Robust Peak Detection and Alignment of nanoLC-FT Mass Spectrometry Data

Codrea, M. C.Jimenez, C. R.Piersma, S.Heringa, J.Marchiori, E.

The 5th Europ. Conf. on Evolutionary Computation 2007: 35

Spatio-temporal gene expression analysis from 3D in situ ybridisation images

Welten, M. C.


Chacterising the difference

Vreeken, J.van Leeuwen, M.Siebes, A.

 2007: 765

Comparative Genomics of Eukaryotes

van Noort, V.


Modelling amyloid fibril formation: a free-energy approach

van, Gestel Leeuw, S. W.Gazit, E.Nusinov, R.Wolf, M. G.


Smart Environments for Collaborative Design, Implementation, and Interpretation of Scientific Experiments

van der Vet, P.Kulyk, O.Wassink, I.Fikkert, W.Rauwerda, H.van Dijk, E.van der Veer, G... Huang, T.Nijholt, A.Pantic, M.Pentland, A.

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Classification of Yeast Cells from Image Features to Evaluate Pathogen Conditions

van der Putten, P.Bertens, L. F. M.Liu, J.Hagen, F.Boekhout, T.verbeek, F. J. Hanjalic, A.Schettini, R.Sebe, N.

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The Influence of Basic Tokenization on Biomedical Document Retrieval

Trieschnigg, R. B.Kraaij, Jong, F. M. G.

 2007: 803

Novel approaches for cross-species subtype identification

Taskesen, E.


Methods for analysing genetic association studies. Application to cardiovascular disease

Souverein, O. W.


Towards integration of DNA copy number, loss of hetrozygosity and gene expression

Sieswerda, M.


Gaining Insight into Laser Pulse Shaping by Evolution Strategies

Shir, O. M.Kok, J. N.B, ck T.Vrakking, M. J. J.

 2007, 1: 467

On the scalability of evolution strategies in the optimization of dynamic molecular alignment

Shir, O. M.B, ck T.Vrakking, M. J. J.

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Performance analysis of niching algorithms based on derandomized-ES variants

Shir, O. M.B, ck T.

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The role of e-BioLabs in a life sciences collaborative working environment

Rauwerda, Leeuw, W. C.Adriaanse, J.Bouwhuis, M.van der Vet, P.Breit, T.


Evaluating the Future of HCI: Challenges for the Evaluation of Emerging Applications

Poppe, R.Rienks, R.van Dijk, E. Huang, T.Nijholt, A.Pantic, M.Pentland, A.

 2007: 234

Development of microarray reuse and quality assesment protocols for gene expression profiling and molecular cancer diagnostics

Nio, L.


Towards dynamic fitness based partitioning for intravascular ultrasound image analysis

Li, R.Eggermont, J.Emmerich, M. T. M.Bovenkamp, E. G. P.Back, T.Dijkstra, J.Reiber, J...

 2007: 391

Metrics for Mining Multisets

Laros, J. F. J.Kosters, W. A.


Operating characteristics for the desing and optimisation of classification systems

Landgrebe, T.


Human Centered Aspects

Kuyik, O.Kosara, R.Urquiza-Fuentes, J.Wassink, I. Kerren, A.


Do you know what I know? Situational Awareness and Scientific Teamwork in Collaborative Environments

Kulyk, O.van Dijk, E. M. A. G.van der Vet, P.Nijholt, A. Nijholt, A.O, S.Nishida, T.

 2007: 207

Parsing the Medical Corpus

Koster, C. H. A.Seutter, M.Seibert, O.


Candidate cancer discovery using KC-SMART: a novel method for statistical multi-experiment aCGH data analysis

Klijn, C. N.


A survey of requirements for automated reasoning services for bio-ontologies in OWL

Keet, C. M.Roos, M.Marshall, M. S.


Combining kernels to predict protein complexes

Hulsman, M.


Pharmacophylogenomics - Explaning interspecies difference in drug discovery

Hulsen, T.


Towards a Gesture Repertoire for Cooperative Interaction with Large Displays

Fikkert, W.van der Vet, P.

 2007: 20

Challenges for Computational Intelligence

Duin, R. P. W.Pekalska, E.Duch, W.Mandziuk, J.

 2007: 221

Ontological Context Visualization

Dmitrieva, J.Bei, Y.verbeek, F. J.


Proteomics of Body fluids

Dekker, L.


Visualization and Grouping of Graph Patterns in Molecular Databases

de Graaf, E. H.Kok, J. N.Kosters, W. A.


Clustering Improves the Exploration of Graph Mining Results

de Graaf, E.Kok, J.Kosters, W.


Does SVM Really Scale Up to Large Bag of Words Feature Spaces?

Colas, F.Paclk, P.Kok, J. N.Brazdil, P.

 2007: 296

Familial colorectal cancer, omics and all that jazz

Cardoso, J.


On Affect and Self-Adaptation: Potential Benefits of Valence-Controlled Action-Selection

Broekens, J.Kosters, W.verbeek, F. J.

 2007: 357

Affect and Learning; a computential analysis PhD thesis

Broekens, J.


Mathematical aspects of infectious disease dynamics

Boldin, B.


Computational genomics of gram-positive bacteria

Boekhorst, J.


Graphs, Hypergraphs, and Inductive Logic Programming

Blockeel, H.Witsenburg, T.Kok, J. N.


Ontology Driven Image Search Engine

Bei, Y.Dmitrieva, J.Belmamoune, M.verbeek, F. J. Hanjalic, A.Schettini, R.Sebe, N.

 2007, 6506: 65050

ZebraFISH: Fluorescent in situ hybridization protocol and 3D images of gene expression patterns

Welten, M. C. M.De Haan, S.Van den Boogert, N.Noordermeer, J. N.Lamers, G.Spaink, H. ...

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Magnetic Resonance Microscopy of the Adult Zebrafish

Kabli, S.Alia, A.Spaink, H. P.verbeek, F. J.De Groot, H. J. M.

Zebrafish 2006, 3: 431

Expression, purification, and in vitro activity of an arterivirus main proteinase

van Aken, D.Benckhuijsen, W. E.Drijfhout, J. W.Wassenaar, A. L.Gorbalenya, A. E.Snijd...

Virus Res 2006, 120(1): 97

Nidovirales: evolving the largest RNA virus genome

Gorbalenya, A. E.Enjuanes, L.Ziebuhr, J.Snijder, E. J.

Virus Res 2006, 117(1): 17

Testing the modularity of the N-terminal amphipathic helix conserved in picornavirus 2C proteins and hepatitis C NS5A protein

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Combinatorial gene regulation in Plasmodium falciparum

van Noort, V.Huynen, M. A.

Trends Genet 2006, 22: 73