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Publication overview

Accurate mass error correction in liquid chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry based metabolomics

Velitchka, V.Mihaleva,Vorst, O.Maliepaard, C.Verhoeven, H. Vos, R. C. H.Hall, R....

In Press 2008

Cross-species comparison of human and Mouse adenomatous polyps reveals conserved machanisms in APC-driven intestinal tumorigenesis

Gaspar, C.Cardoso, J.Franken, P.Molenaar, L.Morreau, H.Moslein, G.Sampson, J.Boer, J....

In Press 2008

Can we rely on operon predictions?

Brouwer, R. W. W.Kuipers, O. P.van Hijum, S. A.

In Press 2008

Beyond traditional kernels:classification in two dissimilarity-based representation spaces

Pekalska, E. M.Duin, R. P. W.

IEEE transactions on systems mand and cybernetics part a-systems and humans 2008, 38(6): 729

On distributional assumptions and whitened cosine similarities

Loog, M.

IEEE Trans.Pattern.Anal Mach.Intell. 2008, 30(6): 1114

Sign Language Recognition by Combining Statistical DTW and Independent Classification

Lichtenauer, J. F.Hendriks, E. A.Reinders, M. J.

IEEE Trans.Pattern.Anal Mach.Intell. 2008, 30(11): 2040

Efficient multiclass ROC approximation by decomposition via confusion matrix perturbation analysis

Landgrebe, T. C.Duin, R. P.

IEEE Trans.Pattern.Anal Mach.Intell. 2008, 30(5): 810

Subclass problem-dependent design for error-correcting output codes

Escalera, S.Tax, D. M.Pujol, O.Radeva, P.Duin, R. P.

IEEE Trans.Pattern.Anal Mach.Intell. 2008, 30(6): 1041

Automated effect-specific mammographic pattern measures

Raundahl, J.Loog, M.Pettersen, P.Tanko, L. B.Nielsen, M.

IEEE Trans.Med.Imaging 2008, 27(8): 1054

Efficient segmentation by sparse pixel classification

Dam, E. B.Loog, M.

IEEE Trans.Med.Imaging 2008, 27(10): 1525

Finding good item sets by packing data

Tattie, N.Vreeken, J.

IEEE 2008

Filling in the blanks - krimp minimisation for missing data

Siebes, A.Vreeken, J.

IEEE 2008

Filling in the Blanks - Krimp Minimisation for Missing Data

Vreeken, J.Siebes, A.

ICDM 2008 2008

Nonparametric Monotone Classification with MOCA

Barile, N.Feelders, A.

ICDM 2008 2008

Mining Balanced patterns in Web Access Data

de Graaf, E. H.Kok, J. N.Kosters, W. A. Gammerman, A.

The IASTED Int. Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA) 2008: 595

Embryonic staging using a 3D virtual reality system

Verwoerd-Dikkeboom, C. M.Koning, A. H.van der Spek, P. J.Exalto, N.Steegers, E. A.

Hum.Reprod. 2008

Platelet receptor P2RY12 haplotypes predict restenosis after percutaneous coronary interventions

Rudez, G.Pons, D.Leebeek, F.Monraats, P.Schrevel, M.Zwinderman,, Winter R.Tio, R...

Hum.Mutat. 2008, 29(3): 375

GPCR NaVa database: natural variants in human G protein-coupled receptors

Kazius, J.Wurdinger, K.van, Iterson M.Kok, J.Back, T.Ijzerman, A. P.

Hum.Mutat. 2008, 29(1): 39

Gene structure and mutant alleles of PCDH15: nonsyndromic deafness DFNB23 and type 1 Usher syndrome

Ahmed, Z. M.Riazuddin, S.Aye, S.Ali, R. A.Venselaar, H.Anwar, S.Belyantseva, P. P.Qas...

Hum Genet 2008, 124(3): 215

Coevolution of gene families in prokaryotes

Cordero, O. X.Snel, B.Hogeweg, P.

Genome Res. 2008, 18(3): 462

Finding exonic islands in a sea of non-coding sequence: splicing related constraints on protein composition and evolution are common in intron-rich genomes

Warnecke, T.Parmley, J. L.Hurst, L. D.

Genome Biol. 2008, 9(2)

Overview of BioCreative II gene normalization

Morgan, A. A.Lu, Z.Wang, X.Cohen, A. M.Fluck, J.Ruch, P.Divoli, A.Fundel, K.Leaman, R...

Genome Biol. 2008, 9: 53

Comparative phosphoproteomics reveals evolutionary and functional conservation of phosphorylation across eukaryotes

Boekhorst, J.van, Breukelen B.Heck, A. J.Snel, B.

Genome Biol. 2008, 9(10)

Calling on a million minds for communicty annotation in wikiproteins; why would key biology databases go wiki?

Mons, B.Ashburner, M.Chichester, C.van Mulligen, E. M.Weeber, M.den Dunnen, J. T.van ...

Genome Biol 2008

Anni 2.0: a multipurpose text-mining tool for the life sciences

Jelier, R.Schuemie, M. J.Veldhoven, A.Dorssers, L. C.Jenster, G.Kors, J. A.

Genome Biol 2008, 9(6)

The role of bioinformatics in pathway curation

Waagmeester, A. S.Kelder, T.Evelo, C. T.

Genes Nutr. 2008, 3(3): 139

The NuGO proof of principle study package: a collaborative research effort of the European Nutrigenomics Organisation

Baccini, M.Bachmaier, E. M.Biggeri, A.Boekschoten, M. V.Bouwman, F. G.Brennan, L.Caes...

Genes Nutr. 2008, 3(3): 147

Evolutionary algorithms for automated drug design towards target molecule properties

Kruisselbrink, J. W.Baumlick, T.Ijzerman, A. P.

GECCO 2008

Predicting Protein Interactions from Functional Specificity

Feenstra, K. AntonBastianelli, GiacomoHeringa, JaapHansmann, U. H. E.Meinke, J.Mohant...

From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2008: 89

CAG repeat length variation in the androgen receptor gene is not associated with spermatogenic failure

Westerveld, H.Visser, L.Tanck, M.van, der V.Repping, S.

Fertil.Steril. 2008, 89(1): 253

Optimizing Computed Tomographic Angiography Image Segmentation Using Fitness Based Partitioning

Eggermont, J.Li, R.Bovenkamp, E. G. P.Marquering, H. A.Emmerich, M. T. M.van der Lugt...

EvoWorkshops 2008: 275

CETP genotype predicts increased mortality in statin-treated men with proven cardiovascular disease: an adverse pharmacogenetic interaction

Regieli, J. J.Jukema, J. W.Grobbee, D. E.Kastelein, J. J.Kuivenhoven, J. A.Zwinderman...

Eur.Heart J 2008, 29(22): 2792

Bayesian analysis of complex traits in pedigreed plant populations

Bink, M. C. A. M.Boer, M.ter Braak, C. J.Jansen, J.Voorrips, R. E.van de Weg, W.

Euphytica 2008(161): 85

Adaptice fuzzy control of a non-linear servo-drive:Theory and experimental results

Bellomo, D.Naso, D.Babuska, R.

Engineering applications of artificial intelligence 2008, 21(6): 846


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The nidovirales

Enjuanes, L.Gorbalenya, A. E.Snijder, E. J.Ziebuhr, Groot, J.Cowley, J.Mahy, B. ...

the Encyclopedia of Virology 2008

Sequence Similarity

Heringa, J.

Encyclopedia of Life Science - Handbook of Human Molecular Evolutation 2008

The iron-sulphur protein Ind1 is required for effective complex I assembly

Bych, K.Kerscher, S.Netz, D. J.Pierik, A. J.Zwicker, K.Huynen, M. A.Lill, R.Brandt, U...

Embo J 2008, 27(12): 1736

Proteomic analysis of key proteins in the adhesion of Lactobacillus plantarum, a first step towards early selection of probiotics based on bacterial biomarkers

Izquierdo, E.Horvatovich, P.Marchiori, E.oude-Werner, D.Sanz, Y.Ennahar, S.

Electrophoresis 2008

Sublethal contaminants effects in a simple aquatic food chain

Kooi, B. W.Kooijman, S. A.van Voorn, G. A.Bontje, D.

Ecol.Modelling 2008

An R Package for Subtype Discovery Examplified on Chemoinformatics Data

Colas, F.van Rooden, S. M.Meulenbelt, I.Houwing-Duistermaat, J.Visser, M.Marinus, H.C...

ECML PKDD 2008 Statistical and Relational Learning in Bioinformatics Workshop 2008

StreamKrimp: Detecting Change in Data Streams

van Leeuwen, M.Siebes, A.

ECML PKDD 2008 2008: 765

Exceptional Model Mining

Leman, D.Feelders, A.Knobbe, A.

ECML PKDD 2008 2008

Nearest Neighbour Classification with Monotonicity Constraints

Duivesteijn, W.Feelders, A.

ECML PKDD 2008 2008

The public road to high-quality curated biological pathways

Adriaens, M. E.Jaillard, M.Waagmeester, A.Coort, S. L.Pico, A. R.Evelo, C. T.

Drug Discov.Today 2008, 13(19): 856

Patterns of simple gene assembly in ciliates

Harju, T.Petre, I.Rogojin, V.Rozenberg, G.

Discrete Applied Mathematics 2008, 156: 2581

Distinct monocyte gene-expression profiles in autoimmune diabetes

Padmos, R. C.Schloot, N. C.Beyan, H.Ruwhof, C.Staal, F., Ridder D.Aanstoot, H. J...

Diabetes 2008, 57(10): 2768

Mining fuzzy periodic association rules

Lee, W. J.Jiang, J. Y.Lee, S. J.

Data and knowledge engineering (online) 2008, 65: 442

Vector quantization of images using a fuzzy clustering method

Lee, W. J.Chung, J. S.Ouyang, C. S.Lee, S. J.

Cybernetics and systems 2008, 39(1): 45

Lipidomic approach to evaluate rosuvastatin and atorvastatin at various dosages: investigating differential effects among statins

Bergheanu, S. C.Reijmers, T.Zwinderman, A. H.Bobeldijk, I.Ramaker, R.Liem, A. H.van d...

Curr.Med.Res.Opin. 2008, 24(9): 2477