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From 2004 until 2013 the BioRange programme has been developing methods, software and databases for omics and systems biology experiments. The NBIC BioRange programme brought together biomedical scientists, plant biologists and microbial researchers with bioinformaticians and computer scientists to work on collaborative, omics-based research projects. These projects either entailed 'applied' research in which a biological question is the main driver or technology/methodology driven research that addressed a specific problem in proteomics, metabolomics or systems biology.

The output of the BioRange projects has been applied to further the biological research and formed the basis for the NBIC BioAssist support platforms to develop broadly usable and accessible tools and applications.

The BioRange programme - funded by the Netherland Genomics Initiative - was finalized December 2nd, 2013 by a Mini-Symposium "The future of bioinformatics in the Netherlands".