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Didactical research

Because of the lack of knowledge in bioinformatics, high school teachers have to learn more about this exciting field. We try to realize this with help of teacher trainings. We investigate how to organize the training in such a manner that teachers will use the bioinformatics assignments they have prepared themselves in their class.

The training is based on didactical literature, our own experience with bioinformatics education and feedback from teachers and students.

A poster was presented on the scientific conference ERIDOB in July 2010 in Braga:

Collaboration is not limited to Dutch high schools, but is already working together with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and will expand its international collaborations  to Germany (EMBL), Portugal (Institutio Gulbekian de Ciência) and Israel (Weizmann Institute). Bioinformatics@school aims to set up an international network on pre-bachelor educators in bioinformatics. If you would like to join our communication on this plan, please contact Hienke Sminia