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BioWise & e-learning

NBICs mission is to provide high quality education in bioinformatics to the current and next generation of bioinformaticians and life scientists. The regular Masters programmes at universities and the PhD-courses that we organise on a yearly base don’t fit everyone’s needs. Some students or researchers need to update their knowledge on a very specific topic; some people need a preparatory course before diving deeply into bioinformatics or systems biology, others just want to learn in their own time and at their own pace. Many of these specific needs are met by e-learning courses.

NBIC is currently involved in two e-learning projects that aim to make course materials suitable for and available to the life sciences community:

  • eBiomics is an independent e-learning platform aimed at life sciences students and researchers. NBIC is actively supporting the further development of eBiomics. eBiomics is freely available to the community.
  • In collaboration with the Netherlands Consortium for Systems Biology (NCSB), a number of e-learning courses is being developed in one fully web-based e-learning portal. Currently we are developing a Python programming course in bioinformatics for biologists.