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NBIC & NCSB collaboration in e-courses

Introductory courses and skills training courses to the broad and advanced research fields of Life Sciences, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology are a welcome expansion to the NBIC course portfolio. The background knowledge and experience of researchers (entering) in these fields is very diverse and asks for a more individual approach. 

In recent years, NCSB ( has developed 3 e-courses as an â€śIntroduction to Systems Biology and Bioinformatics”. Currently, NBIC & NCSB are co-developing a first 'skills' course: "Python Programming for Bioinformatics".

  • Basic Biology for Non-Biologists
  • Basic Modelling for Biologists
  • Elementary Calculus in Systems Biology
  • Upcoming: Python Programming for bioinformatics

These e-courses can be found at: