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How to get involved in BioWise

BioWise is a very broad education and training programme, in which we cover many target groups for education (see also About BioWise) and many topics from the area of bioinformatics. Furthermore, BioWise is a community effort (see also About BioWise).

We are collaborating with bioinformatics researchers and teachers, both nationally and internationally. Projects can be on the level of an institute, organisation or company but can also be on personal title of an individual researcher or teacher.

Do you want to get involved?

We invite everyone who would like to participate in BioWise and/or who has ideas for a joint project or wants to organise a course to contact us:

  • For high school activities or activities for the general public please contact Hienke Sminia.
  • For  activities related to our Life Science Programme or our e-learning activities contact Patrick Koks.
  • For activities related to the NBIC PhD School and all other ideas and questions contact Celia van Gelder.

In case you are interested in sponsoring our activities you can contact Celia van Gelder.