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Educating current and next generations of bioinformaticians

A high bioinformatics training level is key to help building the capacity to implement current and future bioinformatics methods and infrastructures in life science R&D within academia, industry, and the clinic. Through BioWise, NBIC and partners are geared to offer high quality teaching in bioinformatics at all levels of education.

Schematic overview of the BioWise portfolio

Target groups

The NBIC BioWise programme is aimed to provide bioinformatics education and training at all levels - from general public, secondary school, to BSc, MSc, PhD and beyond. This includes educating life scientists in using (bio)informatics, and introducing the next generation of bioinformaticians to the latest developments, techniques and tools in bioinformatics and computational biology. In addition to training students and researchers, also teach-the-teacher training is part of the BioWise portfolio.

Community effort

The current BioWise portfolio could only be realized through a strong involvement of the wider NBIC research and teaching community, and through the established connections to other national and international teaching networks. In this way, NBIC attempts to build a sustainable  high quality education programme in bioinformatics. No individual institution could provide a sustainable education model that incorporates the depth, width and flexibility required for covering all levels of bioinformatics education

The BioWise activities involve the current national bioinformatics community (e.g. researchers, teachers, and the RSG Netherlands (Regional Student Group or PhD network, part of the ISCB), the biology/life science community, the Dutch systems biology initiatives (NCSB and NISB), and further educational experts and institutions. Internationally we have linked up with ISCB, SIB and EBI concerning joint educational efforts.