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NBIC Management

The Steering Committee is the primary monitor of the NBIC daily management. The three Scientific Directors together are responsible for the initiation, stimulation, and coordination of bioinformatics programmes in research, support and education. The daily management of the NBIC Foundation will remain the responsibility of Managing Director Ruben Kok, Ph.D, who is also responsible for the valorisation programme NBICommons.

Steering Committee

Prof. Ir. K.C.A.M. Luyben Chair, Rector magnificus and vice president University of Delft
Drs. H.W. te Beest Vice president Leiden University
Prof. dr. W. Stiekema Director Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
Dr. H. J. Pel Principal Scientist, DSM Food Specialties
Dr. A.W.M. Rijnders Scientific Director TI Pharma

Board of Directors

Dr. Ruben Kok Managing Director
Prof. dr. Barend Mons Scientific Director - Support & External Relations
Prof. dr. Jaap Heringa Scientific Director - Bioinformatics Education
Prof. dr. Marcel Reinders Scientific Director - Bioinformatics Research
From left to right: Jaap Heringa, Ruben Kok, Barend Mons, Marcel Reinders. (photo: Ivar Pel)