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Zwanenburg, Gooitzen Dr.

Picture of Zwanenburg, Gooitzen Dr.

General info

Street / P.O. Box
Science Park 904
Phone number(s)
+31 20 525 6547

Principal Research

Gooitzen Zwanenburg obtained his PhD in physics at the University of Nijmegen. He worked for two years as a postdoc on EPR spectroscopy in photosynthetic bacteria at the University of Oxford. After that he worked as an IT professional for several years at an international accountants firm, at the medical center of the University of Amsterdam and at the science faculty of the same university where he was involved in designing and building Beowulf clusters for the computational chemistry group. In 2008 he joined the Biosystems Data Analysis group of Age Smilde.

More Information

A CV of Gooitzen Zwanenburg can be found here.

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