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Poster presentations

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You can find the poster abstracts in the online abstract book (pdf file). A selection of the poster abstracts can also be found at the website

Poster presentations

The poster sessions are planned in back of the Europazaal, during the coffee breaks on both days of the conference.

NBIC Poster Awards

The conferencee audience will vote which poster will be awarded with the NBIC Poster Award 2012. Each conference participant will find a sticker on his/her name badge. This 'LIKE sticker' can be stuck on the poster that the conference participant deems best.

There will also be a BioWise Student Poster Prize 2012 awarded this year to the best BSc/MSc poster presentation. The winner will be selected by a special poster committee.

The winners of both poster awards will be announced on Wednesday April 25, at the end of the day during the Award ceremony.

Posters made available via

This year we have chosen to collaborate with, a new service using QR-codes. With these codes attached to posters, people interested in the content can scan and download your poster details with their smart phone (see example). The QR-code will allow people to talk about your poster with people outside the conference, by tweeting, or discussing it on facebook, opening a larger audience for your scientific work.

If you check the box h. 'Add my abstract to' below, we will add your NBIC poster details online at You will receive a QR code and instructions on how to incorporate the QR code in your poster by e-mail. You can also choose to attach the QR-code at the venue, where we will assist in generating the QR-code for your poster.

Poster information for participants

Posters will be numbered and designated to a specific location (poster board) in the back of the Europazaal. The poster numbers will be listed with the abstracts in the abstract book that will be electronically available on the NBIC website and on the poster list that will be handed out during the conference. You can place your poster at the designated location on Tuesday morning April 24, before the start of the programme, or during the first coffee break. We will ask you to remove the poster at the end of the second day of the conference (April 25).

You can use the NBIC Poster template, which can be found here. The poster should be prepared in A0 portrait format: height: 1189 mm (46.81 inches) and width: 841 mm (33.11 inches).