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Application Showcase

This year’s applicaton showcase will feature 10 participants that will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their application during the lunch break on April 20th in the central hall of the conference centre.

Audience will be asked to vote

Based on the demonstrations the application committee will select 3 nominees for the Application Showcase Award, who will be presenting their application in a 5 minutes “sales pitch”  during the Application Showcase Final which will start at 15:30 in the Europazaal. The conference audience will vote to select a winner. Voting procedures can be found on the ballot that will be handed out by entering the Europazaal (session P). Ballots will be collected shortly after the session.


The winner will be announced on Wednesday April 20th, 17:35-18:00 (session Q).

Application showcase participants

This year’s application showcase participants are

  • Tim te Beek - MetIDB
  • Kasper Dinkla - BiotaViz
  • Joost Boele - FAME (Flux Analysis and Modeling Environment)
  • Remko Kuipers - Project Hope
  • Fiona Nielsen - CATCHprofiles
  • Miranda Stobbe - JamboreeCards
  • Isthiaq Ahmad - msComapre, Warp2D and TAPP
  • Kees van Bochove - NMC DSP
  • Linda Bakker - Progenius ArrayDesigner
  • Bas Vroling - GPCR-specific PDF reader