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Workshop Work Smart and Save Time

Did you know that your brain needs around 10 minutes of time to refocus after an interruption? The average knowledge worker is interrupted between 5 and 10 times per hour. How can you get work done with these staggering numbers?

During this session of 90 minutes you will learn the basics of how to work smarter in the modern working environment.

In this workshop you will learn practical techniques and insights about:

  • how you can deal with the daily volume of e-mails, interruptions and information with ease;
  • how to achieve more in less time;
  • how to create a brain friendly and productive working environment;
  • how you can work smarter in a relaxed manner with more concentration;
  • what latest techniques and tools you can use to collect, structure and process information in an optimal way

Gerald Essers is founder of the Dutch company (tijdwinst means: save time). Gerald is an expert in the field of smart working. With his team of he supports people and businesses by learning them practical techniques that help to live smarter and save time.

Note: this workshop is designed for knowledge workers.